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Maths Cloud has over 600 starters to support the beginning of students lessons.

The starters range in difficulty from 1 to 5, and are structured under the units of Geometry, Algebra, Number and Statistics.

There are over 100 anagrams which allow the students to unscramble the key words for each lesson.


They are all short activities designed for pupils to work on at the beginning of their mathematics lesson. The format of all Maths Cloud content is designed to be supported by interactive whiteboards.


Starters give your lessons a focused beginning and allows students to settle into a lesson with a desire to learn.

Venn Diagrams Starter

With the starters arranged in order of difficulty and topic, you can easily select a starter which is related to the work the students are currently studying, and all at the drop of a hat.

Random - Easiest Starter


Tutoring with Zoom

A short video explaning how to teach / tutor online using Maths Cloud and Zoom

Using Zoom

GCSE / A Level Calculator