Supporting GCSE Maths Teachers / Tutors


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See some of the benefits that Maths Cloud offers. . .

Reduces teacher workload      Summary of Benefits (pdf)

  1. Supports government initiative to reduce workload (Link here)
  2. Starters available to support student retrieval practice at the touch of a button
  3. All GCSE content covered, allowing you to be confident to find relevant topics to suit topics required
  4. Answers at the touch of a button, to allow for student self reflection and reduce teacher marking
  5. Homework and short assessments on topics to support further learning if required
  6. Problem solving style questions now being introduced to support with new-style GCSE questions
  7. Improved behaviour of classes, as students understand format, provides routines and questions increase gradually in complexity (unlike some text books), ensuring students avoid becoming off-task due to being unable to progress 

Saving on Printing

The average size of secondary schools in the UK is around 900

If a school teaches a 4 lessons per week of Maths to every student, of which 1/4 have a printed resource - that would equate to 900 sheets of paper per week, plus the cose of glue in order to do that

By delivering a lesson using our online differentiated lessons instead, and assuming they would have been printed B&W at a cost of 1p per sheet - that would that would equate to over £350.

Support Supply teachers / Cover teachers / non specialists

Maths-Cloud is used by some of our subscribing schools as cover lessons, as it the content can be walked through by even the most inexperienced teacher, it provides differentiated lessons to keep students challenged, and is in line with GCSE curriculum.

Constant updates and developments (We listen)

Maths-Cloud is run by Maths Teachers for Maths Teachers, so if there is something you'd like to see.

Simply let us know, and if we can make it, we will make it.