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HTML5 IOS/Android Compatible Lessons


Here at Maths Cloud, we are constantly listening to our users and looking to improve what we offer. Whilst we have hundreds of lessons which have been specifically designed in flash to support the learning, assessment and the progress of students lessons, some schools user IOS/Android devices.

We are currently redeveloping the lessons in HTML5, so that all the content will be supported across all platforms.


All the lessons are structured under the same units of Geometry, Algebra, Number, and Statistics, and will take a very similar format to those lessons that currentlt exist.

Lesson Content


Every lesson will still have a detailed explanation that appears one step at a time, but as it works in HTML5, users will have more control. Teachers will be able to use key strokes and clickers to give more flexibility in the lesson.




More Lesson Questions


There will be 3 sets of questions for each and every lesson, giving the teachers the ability to give students more questions to practice. Extension questions are available for most topics for the students who have a strong grasp of the material.



Lesson Show / Hide Function


All content is designed to be supported by interactive whiteboards, and all lessons have answers available to allow students to check their progress.


We've made the switching between questions and answers much easier with just having the one button.





Lesson worksheets...more, more, more


The lessons that require printed worksheets will also include more sheets and answers also.


Instructions for the worksheet are displayed on the lesson pages along with the answers to every question.





The new lessons, will also include a number of assessment / diagnostic questions to check understanding at the end of lessons. These questions will be problem solving style questions to fall in line with the new GCSE specification.