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Maths Cloud has hundreds of lessons which have been specifically designed to support the learning, assessment and the progress of students lessons.

The lessons cover all the content required in GCSE Mathematics, and there are many lessons to support both lower ability and higher ability students through Key Stage 3, 4 and in the near future, Key Stage 5.


All the lessons are structured under the units of Geometry, Algebra, Number, and Statistics.

Lesson Content


Each topic has a detailed explanation that appears one step at a time. There are worked through example questions for the students to follow. This allows you to be able to teach the content effectively to your students without spending the time preparing your own lessons.



There is also a 'Doodle Cloud' page on every lesson which gives you a space to write if you want to go into any extra detail or work through any extra questions


Lesson Questions


All Maths Cloud lessons have questions of varying difficulty allowing for natural progression in lesson, and they all support a range of abilities in your lessons. Extension questions are available for every topic for the students who have a strong grasp of the material.



Lesson Answers


All content is designed to be supported by interactive whiteboards, and all lessons have answers available to allow students to check their progress.


Through our lessons, students are able to check their progress and mark work, saving you valuable time from marking books.





Lesson Worksheets


Lessons which require printed resources are clearly labelled and links to these resources are connected to the lessons.


Instructions for the worksheet are displayed on the lesson pages along with the answers to every question.




We know that things evolve and change and we will continue to do our best to improve our resources, making your life easier and easier for you, so please, if there's a lesson you need - get in touch and we'll put it together for you as soon as we can.

Tutoring with Zoom

A short video explaning how to teach / tutor online using Maths Cloud and Zoom

Using Zoom