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Maths Cloud understands that assessment plays a vital part in the learning of students, and Ofsted have a clear focus on feedback and student progress, how you do this will vary from school to school. The assessments are designed to allow both students and teachers to assess the level of understanding and the amount of progress made - which subsequently allows both students and teachers to identify areas for development.


All the assessments are structured under the units of Geometry, Algebra, Number and Statistics. 



Assessment Questions


The assessments are designed to be completed at the end of each topic. Each assessment has 4 pages of questions of increasing difficulty which tests each part of the topic.



Supplementary Sheet


Each assessment comes with a supplementary sheet which is to be printed off. This gives the students space to answer the questions but also has a section at the bottom which is designed for you to give detailed feedback.


The assessments are designed to reduce your marking by allowing you to only give detailed feedback at the end of each individual topic. There are sections for you to inform the students what they did well and where they need to improve.





There is also space for you to give them another question to try based on what they need to do to progress.




Assessment Answers


At the end of each assessment, there is a page containing all the answers. This gives you the option of allowing the pupils to self or peer mark the assessment meaning you only have to complete the feedback at the bottom of the sheet.




We know that things evolve and change and we will continue to do our best to improve our resources, making your life easier and easier for you, so please, if there's an assessment you need - get in touch and we'll put it together for you as soon as we can.



Tutoring with Zoom

A short video explaning how to teach / tutor online using Maths Cloud and Zoom

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