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Tutoring with Zoom

A short video explaning how to teach / tutor online using Maths Cloud and Zoom

Using Zoom

Using Microsoft Teams

How to use Microsoft Teams to share your screen - so you can teach using Maths Cloud Online:

Using MS Teams

Reduce planning, marking, printing and support teacher wellbeing

Maths-Cloud makes teaching GCSE Maths more simple

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  • Feedback

    Feeback - we pride ourselves in listening to our subscribers. We welcome suggestions and feedback from our users, and if additional lessons or content is required, we will endeavour to develop it. 

  • Lessons

    160 lessons (and growing), all with 'out of the box' deliverable content, with many providing 'onscreen' resources and answers for immediate student self and peer assessment.

    Saving you hours and hours of planning and endless marking.

  • Assessments

    Over 100 topic assessments, all linked to our online lessons, allowing students to assess their learning and reflect on current.

    Again, saving on continuous and needless marking by incorporating assessment into our resources.

  • Starters

    600 starters/entry activities (and growing), all linked to our online lessons, allowing students to begin the lessons as they should do, focussed and engaged.

    Again, saving on continuous and needless searching by incorporating online content into our resources.